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Documentary Credits in Practice

Purpose and aim of this book – practical guide for exporters, importers, traders and bankers








Purpose and aim of this book – practical guide for exporters, importers, traders and bankers

The objective of this book is to provide readers with a comprehensive and, above all, practical overview of the documentary credit – the safe, sophisticated and well established payment instrument. The publication addresses from all angles one of the oldest payment instruments in foreign trade in the light of the current international standard banking practice, based on the rules which govern documentary credit operations all over the world – the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP). The publication endeavors to equip the user of the documentary credit  with the practical guide which will support you for most of your daily work dealing with documentary credits.

Main advantages of the book:

– Holistic approach to the complex payment and security instrument – the traditional documentary credit

– Practicality (inclusion of many illustrative annexes, dealing with daily issues, proposals how to solve and prevent problems)

– Learning about legal aspects of the documentary credit transactions

– The book has been written based on the author´s long working experience and study of decisive materials, above all publications and opinions of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce – the authority setting the rules in this field), court cases and also many consultations with leading Czech and foreign experts.


The target users of the book:

All whose professional activity is linked to the documentary credit, above all:

– Exporters and domestic suppliers

– Importers and domestic buyers

– Bankers providing documentary credit services and other related forms of trade finance

– Lawyers and legal counsels of trading companies and banks

– Court judges and arbitrators in international trade and finance

– Consultants and trainers in the area of international trade and finance

– Academics who engage in studying international trade and finance (professors, lectures, students)

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